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Welcome to Assem Homepage

Welcome To My Home Page

Hi, this is me:

Name: Assem Al-Khateeb

Country: Palestine

Age: 20 years old

Gender: Male

About me: Student in Bethlehem University

      -Nursing faculty

      -Occupational Therapy Department

Click here to visit Campus for bethlehem University


Assem News

Assem is in Spring 2005, at the end of the semester.

Preparing for Final Exams.

Occupational Therapy Student ( 2nd year )

  • Anas Al-Arjan
  • Assem Al-khateeb


  • Hadeel Swaity
  • Hanan Abu Ajameyyeh
  • Heba Abu Gharbeyyeh
  • Ishaq Al-Adam
  • Jad Zoghbi
  • Maysam Terhi
  • Mohammad Salahat
  • Safa' Abbasi
  • Sheri Abu Aqleh
  • Somayya Imran
  • Sophia Haddad
  • Vectoria Nur


word from heart: the time is the best thing we have!! the time can not wait us to do things, it is very fast...

the beatiful feelings... to be with the fact... produce some thing benifit ( it could be an essay) and keep remembering these for ever. this will feel you that your are alife.

as much as possible, we are humans. and as you see the world, as the world see you!! feel with others the others feel with you.



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