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This web site bigan its action on the 1rst of July 2004. This personal site provides visitors about recent information works of OT team in Bethlehem University and some good favoirate links...

Hebron City

Hebron city in the West Bank

Hebron, city in the West Bank, near Jerusalem. Israel has occupied Hebron since 1967, when it captured the West Bank and other territories in the Six-Day War. Hebron is one of oldest communities in the world. Among the interesting features of Hebron are the narrow, winding streets , the flat-roofed stone houses , the bazaars , and the mosque of al-Haram al-Ebrahimi. The mosque is built on top of the cave that is believed to hold the tombs of Abraham and his family. In the top of this cave is al-Ebrahimi mosque.

Hebron's population is Arab Muslim, although Israelis have settled in the city since 1967 . A large Israeli settlement called Qiryat Arba lies on the outskirts of Hebron . Hebron has a number of small scale industrial establishments that produce cotton goods , leather , water containers, glass bracelets, rings, lamps, and ceramics.

British troops occupied Hebron in December 1917, during World War I. Hebron was part of the British mandate for Palestine from 1923 until 1948 . In 1949 Jordan controled Hebron and the rest of West Bank . In June 1967 , following the Six-Day War between Israel and Arab countries, Israeli troops took control of the West Bank.

In February 1994 an Israeli settler massacred at least 29 Palestinians in al-Haram al-Ebrahimi mosque.

Population (estimated) 75,000



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